Bell ringer 3- 5/13/2010

26 terms by sueshook

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convection current

a circulatory motion in a fluid due to convection, called a convection cell


the coming together of air currents at Earth's surface and at the top of the troposphere OR direct collision of lithosperic plates in the plate tectonic theory

convergent plate boundary

boundary between two colliding plates, often associated with mountain building ocean trenches and volcanic islands

coordinate system

a grid or system of lines for determining loaction of a point on a surface such as latitude and longitude of a point on Earth


the cneter part of EArth below the mantle thought to be composed of iron and nickel, inner part is a solid and the outer part is a liquid

Coriolis effect

the deflection of all moving particles of matter at the Earth's surface to the right in the N. Hemisphere and the left in the Southern Hemisphere


in geology, the process of showing that rocks or geologic events from different places are the same or similar in age


the outermost portion of Earth's solid lithospere, separated from the upper most mantle and lower lithospere by the thin Moho interface


the individual mineral grains of may rocks OR a solid with a defintie internal sturcture of atoms arranged in a characteristic, regular, repeating pattern

crystal shape

the outward 3-D shape or geometric shape of a mineral specimen that reflects the internal atomic structure also called crystal form

crystal structure

the pattern or arrangement of atoms that characterizes each mineral , also called atomic structure

cyclic change

an orderly change in the environment in which an event repeats itself with reference to time and space.


a low pressure portion of the troposphere that has air moving towards its center, usually rotates clockwise in the N. Hemisphere,include hurricanes, tornadoes and cyclones, also called a low


composed of intergrown or interconnected mineral crystals; having a specific arrangement of atoms


a type of solidification in which molten rock (magma or lava) cools to form igneous rocks composed of mineral crystals

crystal shape

the outward 3D shape or geometric shape of a mineral specimen that relfects the internal atomic structure

crystal structure

the pattern or arrangement of atoms that characterizes each mineral

cyclic change

an orderly change in the environment in which an event repeats itself with reference to time and space; the opposite of random change


a low-pressureportion of the troposhpere that has air moving towards its center; usually rotates counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere; includes hurricanes, torenadoes, and mid-latitude cyclones; also called a low

cyclonic storm

a large type of low-pressure storm system formed in the mid-lattitudes; also called mit-latitude cyclones

daily motion

the apparent, usually east to west movement ofa celestial objects inthe sky caused by Earth's west to east rotation; objects appear to move in circular or arc-shaped paths


the amount of time it takes a planed or other celestial object to make one rotation


the cutting down of trees and other plants in a forest


the deposit of sediment at the mouth or end of a river or stream where it flows into a quiet body of water such as a lake or ocean


te concentration of matter in an object; the ration of the mass of an object to its volume- mass per each unit of volume


the process by which sediments are released, dropped, or settled from erosional systems; includes the precipitation of dissolved minerals in the formation of chemical sedimentary rocks; also called sedimentation

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