Wordly Wise 5000: Lesson 15

15 terms by gkuhsel88

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1. (v) to have an intense dislike or hatred for
(adj) abominable: Detestable; loathsome
2. Disagreeable and unpleasant


(v) to shorten in duration or extent; to diminish


(n) intense ill will


(adj) favorable, promising


1. (v) to set upon from all sides; to surround with an army
2. (v) to surround with trouble, to harass

Confidant/ Confidante

(n) A person whom you tell secrets to


1. (n) one of the parts that make up a whole
2. (n) a voter represented by a particular official


(adj) Unjust; wicked


(v) To adjust to and accept unpleasant or undesirable conditions


(v) used with against To complain or protest strongly


(n) a person or thing that has held a position or office before another


1. (n) Acts that intentionally damage. hinder, or seek to be discreet
2. (v) To enlarge in intentionally damaging acts


(adj) Taking pleasure in causing pain


(adj) Harshly critical


1. (v) to become apparent, to come to light
2. (v) to happen or occur

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