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The River Tees


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High Force
a waterfall in the upper course of the Tees
a type of intrusive igneous rock
What percentage of the land in the middle course is farmland?
When is the river at its most powerful?
Just after it leaves the upper course
What factors determine how much energy a river has?
How much water is in the river, the gradient and how fast the river is flowing.
Which town is enclosed in a meander?
In which course of the river are oxbow lakes mainly found?
The middle course
What is the main town in the lower course?
How long is the channel the Victorians built after chopping two meanders off?
How high above sea level is the source of the River Tees?
How far from the sea is Yarm?
What was Yarm famous for in its heyday?
Sail-making and shipbuilding
What type of farming is prevalent in the middle course?
What two things drop when the river enters its middle course?
Altitude and average rainfall
Name the courses of the river from widest to narrowest.
Lower, middle, upper
At High Force how many cubic metres per second thunder through a 3-metre gap?
What is the name of the hard rock at High Force waterfall?
How is the softer rock under the waterfall eroded?
By abrasion and hydraulic action.
What is the name of the small pool at the bottom of the waterfall?
Plunge pool
What is formed when a waterfall moves backwards?
A gorge
A landmark made of whinstone
Hadrian's Wall
The angular material has gone at this point
Location of Cow Green Reservoir
Upper course, in moorland
Shape of valley in upper course
Quantity of sediment and bedload in upper course
Sunshine level in upper course
Do the bogs on the moors dry out?
Where does the Tees start?
The border of Cumbria and County Durham
Length of River Tees
Industry in lower course
Petrochemical works, North sea oil terminals, nuclear power stations, ports/trade, iron and steel works
Examples of interlocking spurs
Falcon Clints and Cronkley Scar
Name of footpath by Tees
Pennine Way
Why do heavy industries locate at Teeside?
low population, very flat, good transport links - easy to move goods overseas or across land
How much rainfall/year in the upper course?
Farming in upper course?
95% of rive energy is lost to...?
Friction is highest in...?
Upper course
How far do the floodplains in the lowlands o the middle course extend?
Does the velocity of the river decrease in the middle course of the river?
Where in a meander is the water fastest-flowing?
On the outside of the bend
How was the Tees estuary built?
By reclaiming estuary mud
How did reclaiming estuary mud help?
Created huge areas of flat land