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time line

Hitler invaded Poland which starts WW2.
1940/may 10
Germany invades France and the battle of Britain begins.
1940/may 27
Dunkirk, evacuation of Britain and France troops.
1941/december 7
Japan attacks U.S. fleet in Hawaii.
1941/december 10
Germany and Italy declare war on U.S.
1942/april 18
Doolittle Raid - U.S. bomber bomb Tokyo.
1942/may 7
Battle of Coral Sea Japans navy finally stopped.
1943/september 8
Italy surrenders Germany forces in Nourthern and central Italy occupy it.
1944/june 6
D day, Allies land on Normandy, France.
1944/december 16
Battle of the Bulge begins.
1945/may 8
Germany surrenders.
1945/august 14
Japan surrenders after Atomic bomb attack.