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Vocabulary for Quarter 2 in Mr. Gammon's class.


What problem did Mesopotamians face when they settled along the river?

wheel, plow, and calendar

What are three inventions created by Mesopotamians?


What is the belief in one God called?


What does it mean to believe in many Gods?


The holy temple in Ancient Mesopotamia was called a

King Hammurabi

The first written law code was written by


The main job and money producer in Ancient Mesopotamia was


The first form of writing was _______ and was written using a stylus and clay tablet


The Mesopotamians solved the flooding problem by building an ___ system.


The present day country where Mesopotamia once was is called

Land between the rivers

The term Mesopotamia means

Euphrates and Tigris

The name of the two rivers flowing through Mesopotamia are


The Jewish people were enslaved for many years by the Pharaoh in


Jewish people worship in a


The Holy Book for Jewish people written on a scroll is called the

10 Commandments

The laws given to Moses on Mt. Sinai that Jewish and Christian people follow are the


The event where Moses led the Jewish people out of slavery was called the


Today, Jewish people celebrate the ___ honoring the Exodus and time when God sent the plagues to Egypt to free the Jewish people


The prophet who led the Jewish people out of slavery in Egypt was


The Egyptian leader who thought he was God was called


God told Abraham and his wife Sarah to leave Mesopotamia and go live in


The "father of Judaism" is ___. God spoke to him as a boy in Mesopotamia


Jesus chose 12 ___ (disciples) to follow him and spread his message after he was gone


Jesus performed many ___ which made the Roman and Jewish leaders angry and impressed his followers


Today, Christians take ___ at church to honor the Crucifixion of Jesus


Christians believe Jesus was sent to earth by God to save people from our


After 3 days in the tomb, Christians believe Jesus came back to life or was


Jesus was killed by Roman and Jewish leaders by being nailed to a cross... this event is known as the


Jesus was born in ___, after King Herod forced all Jewish people to return to their hometown to pay a tax


The Holy Book of Christianity is the

New and Old Testaments

The bible is broken into two main parts, the


Christians believe Jesus was the "son of God" known as the

submit to Allah

What does the term Islam mean?


People who worship Islam are called?


Muslims worship in temples called?


The Muslim holy book written by Muhammad is called?


Muslims are required to take a ___ to the holy city of Mecca at least once in their life


The prophet who was spoken to by the angel Gabriel in a cave and who began the religion of Islam was


Muslims refer to God as

Five Pillars of Islam

The holiest city for Muslims where Muhammad was born is Mecca Each Muslim is required by Allah (God) to follow the ___ ___ __ ___ in their daily lives.

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