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life cycle frog

egg --> tadpole --> adult

life cycle Butterfly

egg -> larva(caterpillar) -> pupa -> adult

life cycle Grasshopper

egg-> nymph -> molting occurs to become adult.

life cycle plant

seed->sprout-> bud->bloom->new seed

life cycle plant

seed-> seed w/leaves-> seedling-> small tree-> growing tree


Something that is alive that comes from another animal by birth or eggs

Life cycle

The process of life from birth to death and all the changes it goes through.


A dramatic change a frog or butterfly goes through to change completely from one animal to a different animal.


Look like.


Young animal.


Fully grown animal.


Something that is alive, usually green, grows in one place and starts out as a seed.


The part the plant that protects the seed and can be eaten.


Part of the plant that grows under the ground, sucks up water and nutrients and supports the plant.


Straw vlike middle of the plant that supports the plant and helps it make food.


Green part of the plant that brings in sunlight and air to help make food


Attracts insects to make seeds

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