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Abnormal Behavior Quiz Questions

CH. 3
The ACT, SAT, GRE, and other standardized tests one may take to get into college or graduate school should be able to provide a moderate level of ________________ _______________ for admissions offices to use when selecting students for their programs.
predictive validity
This neuroimaging technique uses the magnetic property of certain atoms in the brain to create a detailed picture of the brain's structure.
A cluster of symptoms that usually occur together is known as:
a syndrome.
Anxiety, mood, and psychotic disorders would be listed on which of the following axes?
Hypertension and diabetes would be listed on which of the following axes?
_____________ is a disorder found in Malaysia, the Philippines, Java, and some parts of Africa where people jump around violently, yell loudly, grab knives, or other weapons and attack any people or objects they encounter.
Is therapy generally effective? Are particular therapies generally effective? Are particular therapies effective for particular problems? These three questions are asked in:
therapy outcome studies.
This is a false belief that all therapies are equivalent despite differences in the therapists' training, experience, theoretical orientations, and personalities.
uniformity myth
Dr. Lucas is a ____________ ________________ who tries to discover assumptions and interpretations that influence the person.
cognitive interviewer
_______________ ________ require that clients interpret vague stimuli, such as inkblots or ambiguous pictures or follow open-ended instructions to draw a person, place, or tree.
Projective tests
Dr. Morris is a ____________ ________________ who asks about the person's self-evaluation, self-concept, and values.
humanistic interviewer
The latest and most widely used classification system in the United States is the:
Unemployment, housing problems, legal difficulties, and family problems would be listed on which of the following axes?
A list of disorders, along with descriptions of symptoms and guidelines for making appropriate diagnoses are known as:
a classification system.
In order to help clinicians become more familiar with and apply research findings, there is an ever-growing movement in the United States, the UK, and in other parts of the world called ________________ _____________ treatment.
empirically based
_____________ is a disorder found in Southeast Asia in which a man suddenly becomes intensely fearful that his penis will withdraw into his abdomen and that he will die as a result.
This is the process in which a test is administered to a large group of people whose performance then serves as a norm against which any individual's score can be measured.
This neuroimaging technique converts MRI pictures of brain structures into detailed pictures of neuron activity, thus offering a picture of the functioning brain.
These inventories measure the severity of such emotions as anxiety, depression and anger.
Personality disorders would be listed on which of the following axes?
_____________ was a disorder once common among Algonquin Indian hunters where they believed in a supernatural monster than ate human beings and became cannibalistic.
This neuroimaging technique takes X rays of the brain's structure at different angles.
For the latest Alzheimer's research study, raters were trained to score the Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale the same way for all of the subtests in an effort to achieve:
interrater reliability
Dr. Williamson discovered that the latest depression instrument had a less than moderate correlation when administered over time to the same patients. The test lacked:
test-retest reliability.
A psychopharmacologist is a _________________ who primarily prescribes medications.
There are more than ______ forms of therapy currently practiced in the clinical field today.
In terms of test-retest reliability, people who take the MMPI a second time after a period of less than ____ ______ receive approximately the same scores.
two weeks
This neurological test records brain waves, the electrical activity taking place within the brain as a result of neurons firing.
The most widely used personality inventory is the
Mental Retardation would be listed on which of the following axes?
Studies suggest that therapy often is ________ helpful than no treatment or than placebos.
The MMPI-2 consists of more than _____ self-statements that make up 10 clinical scales.