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Includes islam... spelling counts!

Qibla Wall

the wall of a mosque that faces Mecca; the wall Muslims face when praying


(Islam) a niche in the wall of a mosque that indicates the direction of Mecca

Hypostyle prayer hall

In architecture, a hypostyle hall has a flat ceiling which is supported by columns, as in the Great Hypostyle Hall at Karnak. In this case the columns flanking the central avenue are of greater height than those of the side aisles, and this allows openings in the wall above the smaller columns, through which light is admitted over the aisle roof, through clerestory windows.
* rows and rows of columns like a forest, with horseshoe arches between each. Best example is Great Mosque at Cordoba


the central area of a church, the tower attached to a mosque from which the muezzin, or crier, calls the faithful to prayer five times a day, the tower attached to a mosque from which the muezzin, or crier, calls the faithful to prayer five times a day


A room/vestibule at the entrance to a church, directly before entering the nave. (Plain or heavily decorated)

West Towers

Twin bell towers located on the west end of the church.


A bell tower seperate from church; generally an Italian trait.


Central aisle of a church. (usually widest part of a church, in the middle.)

Side aisle

Smaller aisles to the side of the nave.


A hall which crosses the main body of the church at a 90 degree angle, giving the church the shape of a cross.

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