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The first officer arriving at a crime scene, aftter providing or obtaining medical assistance for the injured and effecting an arrest of suspects, should immediately

secure the scene

The most basic methods of crime scene recording include all of the following EXCEPT

infrared analysis

If the crime scene includes a dead body, the photographer should

depict injuries and weapons at the scene

A rough sketch need NOT include a

sketch of the suspects

CAD programs enhance the ability to

produce a finished crime scene sketch

Which statement about notetaking is NOT true

notetaking is done after all crime scene processing has been completed

Which crime scene search pattern would absolutely require more than one investigator


Physical evidence at a hit-and-run scene could include

fiber and tissue, paint chips, fabric impressions, and glass fragments

Which of the following is a correct physical evidence collection procedure

bloodstained garments should be packaged separately in paper bags

Charred debris from an arson scene should be

packaged in an air tight glass jar

A victim's fingernail scrapings would be correctly packaged in

a druggist fold

The successful outcome of a criminal investigation is almost always directly related to

the manner in which the evidence is collected and preserved

A properly maintained chain of custody is NOT the responsibility of the

trial judge

Success in the recognition and collection of physical evidence is determined primarily by

skill of personnel processing the crime scene

The collection of standard reference samples at the crime scene is important because they

permit comparisons to be made with the evidence

A corpse was discovered in an apartment last November. It was that of a 50-year-old male who died of a heart attack. At the time of discovery, the body temperature was determined to be 89 degrees. What is the most probable post mortem interval

7 hours

The rate of a cooling dead body can be influenced by all BUT the

gender of the victim

As the post mortem interval increases, the concentration of potassium in the vitreous humor of the eye


Which is NOT a manner of death


According to forensic entomologists, which "witness" is the first to arrive at the crime scene

blow fly

Rigor mortis refers to

stiffness of death

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