Chapter 5, Section 2 Cards

22 terms by MsZing

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long poems describing heros and great events


traditional stories about the deeds and misdeeds of gods


special sanctuaries that priests spoke to god from


Good or service bought from another country


Good or service sold to another country


greek city-states controlled by nobles


a new kind of nonaristocratic soildier; heavy infantryman


Leaders who seized power illegally but who were supported by the people

Popular Government

people should rule themselves rather than being ruled by others


all citizens take part in government


the writer of the Odyssey and the Iliad


The god of gods/lightning god


goddess of wisdom, womanly virtue, and technical skill. Wife of Zeus


Brother of Zeus and god of the sea


god of the underworld


goddess of love and beauty, daughter of Zeus


son of Zeus, god of light, music, and poetry


god of fertility and wine


sister and wife of Zeus, goddess of marriage and family

What are some of the Olympic events?

Chariot racing, boxing, foot races, javelin, discus throwing, wrestling, jumping

Mount Olympus

this is where the Greek gods supposedly lived, on a mountain in northen Greece

What did the Greeks ask of their religion?

1.) a means of gaining, such benefits as long life, good fortune, abundant harvest
2.) an explanation of why people lose self-control
3.) an explanation of such things as thunder, lightening, etc.

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