23 terms

SOcial studies ch 23

Japamies held controll of the pacific coast
policy of extending a nations boundrys
Treaty of Kanagawa
between japan and us opened up ports in japan for americans to trade
Seward FOlly
thats is what they callled alasks when they purchased it
policy of extending powerfull countries seeking control of the economic and political affairs of a weaker counrtry
Great Whit Fleet
name for the steamed power ships of the enlarged and modernized american navy of the early 1900s
Sphere of influence
area where a nation had specific trading plivages
open door policy
allowed a nation to trade in any others nation sphere of influence in china
Boxer Rebellion
uprising in china against westerners and western influnces in 1900s
moving large numbers of people into camps for political or military reasons
act of cruelty and brutality
yellow journalism
untrue news papper articals that relies on sensational stories and headlines
The Maine
american war ship that got blown up one of the biggest reasons we went to war with spain because we thought they blew up our ship
Spanish american war
war between spain and united states
Rough Riders
military unit organzed by tr during the spanish american war
Buffalo soldiers
af amer memberrs og the 9th and 10th cavalries during the spanish american war
Platt amendment
cuban constitution allowed us to intervene in cuba
independence is limmited by a more powerfull country
Foraker act
us gave porto ricans a limmited say in government
narrow strip of land
Roosevelt corollary
us had a right to intevene in latin america to presserve law and order
Dollar Diplomacy
building a strong economic tie to latin america
Teddy Roosevelt