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HES458 Practicum experience and Servsafe Training. Covering Unit 1 including: providing safe food, the microworld, contamination and food allergies, and the safe foodhandler.

What populations are at risk for foodborne illnesses?

elderly people, infants and preschool-age children, pregnant women, people with cancer or on chemotherapy, people with HIV/AIDS, and transplant recipients

What are the three categories of food safety hazards?

biological, chemical, physical

What are the five most common risk factors that cause foodbourne illness?

purchasing food from unsafe sources, failing to cook food adequately, holding food at incorrect temperatures, using contaminated equipment, practicing poor personal hygiene

A package of raw chicken breasts is left out at room temperature is an example of...

time-temperature abuse

A foodhandler sneezes on a salad is an example of...

poor personal hygiene

A foodhandler cooks a rare hamburger is an example of...

time-temperature abuse

A foodhandler scratches a cut, and then continues to make a sandwich is an example of...

poor personal hygiene

A foodhandler leaves the restroom without washing her hands is an example of...

poor personal hygiene

A foodhandler cuts up raw chicken. He then uses the same knife to chop carrots for salad is an example of...


Why are elderly people at a higher risk for foodbourne illnesses?

Their immune systems have weakened with age.

The three categories of food safety hazards are biological, physical, and...


For a foodbourne illness to be considered a "outbreak" a minimum of of how many people must experience the same illness after eating the same food...


The three keys to food safety are practicing good personal hygiene, preventing cross-contamination, and...

time temperature control

According to the CDC, the five common causes for foodbourne illnesses are failing to cook food adequately, holding food at incorrect temperatures, using contaminated equipment, practicing poor personal hygiene, and...

purchasing food from unsafe sources

What are the four types of pathogens that can cause foodbourne illness?

viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi

What does TCS stand for?

Temperature control for safety

Foodbourne pathogens grow well at temperatures...

between 41°F to 135°F (5°C to 57° C)

FAT TOM stands for Food, Acidity, Temperature, Time, Oxygen and...


Which pathogen is primarily found in the hair, nose, and throat of humans?

Staphylococcus aureus

While commonly linked with contaminated ground beef, what pathogen has also been linked with contaminated produce?

Shiga toxin-producing E. coli

Which practice can reduce Salmonella spp. in poultry to safe levels?

Cooking food to the right temperature

Covering wounds can help prevent the spread of which pathogen?

Staphylococcus aureus

Which foodbourne illness had been linked with ready-to-eat food and shellfish contaminated by sewage?

Hepatitis A

Viruses such as Norovirus and hepatitis A can be spread when foodhandlers fail to...

wash their hands

What is the best way to prevent a foodbourne illness caused by seafood toxins?

Purchasing seafood from approved, reputable suppliers

A person who ate raw oysters later became disoriented and suffered memory loss. What illness was most likely the cause?

Amnesic shellfish poisoning

Foodservice operations should not use mushrooms unless they have been...

purchased from an approved, reputable supplier

Eggs and peanuts are dangerous for people with which condition?

Food allergies

Cooking tomato sauce in a copper pot can cause which foodbourne illness?

Toxic-metal poisoning

To prevent chemical contamination, chemicals should be stored_________food and utensils.

separate from

Itching and tightening of the throat are symptoms of what?

food allergy

To prevent allergens from being transferred to food,

clean and sanitize utensils before use

What three points should a food defense program focus on to prevent possible threats to food?

Human element, building interior, building exterior

What must foodhandlers do after touching their hair, face, or body?

Wash their hands

What should foodhandlers do after prepping food and before using the restroom?

Take off their aprons

What piece of jewelry can be worn by a foodhandler?

Plain band watch

When should hand antiseptics be used?

After washing hands

When should foodhandlers who wear gloves wash their hands?

Before putting on the gloves

Foodhandlers should keep their fingernails...

short and unpolished

A cook wore single-use gloves while forming raw ground beef into patties. The cook continued to wear them while slicing hamburger buns. What mistake was made?

The cook did not wash hands and put on new gloves before slicing hamburger buns

When a foodhandler has been diagnosed with shigellosis. what steps must be taken?

The foodhandler must be told not to come into work.

Foodhandlers can't work in their operation if they have an illness caused by which pathogen?

Salmonella Typhi

Foodhandlers who work in a nursing home can't work in the operation if they have which symptom?

Sore throat with fever

Foodhandlers should not eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum or tobacco while

prepping food

What should foodhandlers do if they cut their fingers while prepping food?

Cover the

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