Lord of the Flies-chap 8-10

in the beginning of chap 8, what reasons does jack give to convince the others that Ralph should no longer be chief
because he said Jack's hunters weren't brave enough
whay does Piggy suggest the fire be moved from the mountain
so they won't be close to the beast
how do Jack's rules differ from those in Ralph's groups
Jack's rules weren't as tough as Ralph's
what do Jack and the hunters do with a stick that is sharpened at both ends
killed a pig then put its head on the stick
who or what "speaks" to Simon in the forest
dead parachute guy; the winds move his parachute
during the storm, what does Simon try to tell the other boys; what happened to Simon
that there is a beast; he gets killed
what do Jack and his tribe steal from Piggy; what did Piggy think they coming to steal
glasses; conch
after Jack tries to get the boys to vote against Ralph as chief failes, he says "I'm not going to play any longer. Not with you" what does this tell us about Jack
that he is immature
why do you think the boys refufsed to vote Ralph out of leadership but then do not stay in his group?
because they know that Ralph is a good leader but Jack was a better leader
when Jack and the hunters realize they need fire to roast the pig, what is Jack's answer to the problem?
to steal the fire from Ralph's tribe; he is lazy and doesn't like to do things on his own
Genesis 3:1-5
knowing good and evil
Exodus 19:16-17
the parachuter on the top of the mountain
Exodus 32:1, 6, 25
hunters running wild trying to kill the pig
Matthew 4:1-11
Simon standing up to the beast
Luke 22:44
doing hard work
what starts to happen to Ralph and his leadership abilities in these chapters
he starts to fall apart as a leader
how do Ralph, Piggy and Samneric react the next day to Simon's murder? How do Jack and his tribe react to the murder
Jack's tribe was sad
what does it signify when Jack and 2 of his hunters attack Ralph, Piggy and Samneric and steal Piggy's glasses?
they will do anything to survive
this is one of the names of Satan. It also translates to "Lord of the Flies"
what did "Lord of the Flies" refer to
the flies buzzing around the dead pig's head on the stick
why did they put the pig's head on a stick
as an offering to the beast
what does Golding seem to imply is the source of evil
the beast
what does scripture say are the causes or sources of evil in the world
Satan tempting people
the day after Simon's death, Ralph tells Piggy that he is frightened: "I'm frightened. Of us. I want to go home. Oh God, I want to go home" What was Ralph realizing
that they are just as vulnerable as Jack and his group of doing something horrible.