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Explain West Africa's powerful kingdoms

slaves are imported from Africa

What were the results of European imperialism in Africa?

new political and economical systems developed


rigid seperation of races

oral literature

storytellers who recited events from history


dutch who came to africa


people who flee from their homes





climate regions in africa

different for different parts

Kalahari Desert

desert in southern africa

great rift valley

giant fault in africa

Victoria Falls

waterfall on zambezi river

Mt. Kilaminjaro

mountain in northeastern tanzania


language in east africa

3 trade kingdoms

ghana, mali, songhai

middle passage

trip across atlantic

1st people to discover africa


david livingstone

1st white man to see victoria falls

henry stanley

man who went looking for david livingstone

who looked for the source of the nile

burton and speake


native americans

economic sanctions

cutting off trade with another country


place where all free slaves could go

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