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Great Britain ignored the colonies because of problems at home and wars with other countries....

Salutary Neglect

Benjamin Franklin's plan for the colonies to unite for the defense of all....

Albany Plan of Union

As relations between Great Britain and the colonists worsened, some colonists thought that they should for their own...


The title of the engraving that showed defenseless colonists being fired upon by British soldiers.....

Boston Massacre

The date of the Declaration of Independence from the Continental Congress to Great Britain

July 4, 1776

The United States of America's first plan of government

Articles of Confederation

A strength of this first plan of government

States cooperated during war

A weakness of this first plan of government

No solution found for financial problems

The plan of government created for the United States of America in 1787 and still use today

Constitution of U.S.

The 3 branches of government proposed by the Virginia Plan

Legislative; Executive; Judicial

The basis for representation in the bicameral legislature proposed by the Virginia Plan


The type of legislature with equal representation proposed by the New Jersey plan


The solution for representation that established a 2 house legislature based on both plans

Connecticut Compromise

Representation in this house is determined by the population of each state

House of Representatives

Representation in this house is equal with 2 members per state


The formula used to calculate the slave population for purposes of representation and taxation

3/5 compromise

Article 1 established this branch of government


Article 2 established this branch of government


Article 3 established this branch of government


Ratification required this many out of the 13 states approval


Those who favored the new government


Opposition to the new government led to the creation and addition of this for the protection of individual and state rights

Bill of Rights

This was established because the common man lacked adequate knowledge to make informed decisions

Electoral College

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