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  1. hyperopia
  2. chalazion
  3. blepharitis
  4. retinal detachment
  1. a treatment: incision and drainage, oral antibiotics and warm compresses
  2. b signs and symptoms:redden eyelids with scales and flaking at the base of the lashes
  3. c people may hold reading material farther away from their eyes
  4. d treatment:laser reattachment, cyrosurgery(freezing) sceral buckling

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  1. refractive error
  2. farsightedness, caused by light rays focusing behind the retina
  3. inflammation of the cornea, may be chronic or acute, superficial or deep. may be associated with bacterial conjunctivits, viral infection, corneal ulcer or tuberculosis and syphilis
  4. signs and symptoms: vision may be blurred, distorted, or absent in specific areas of visual field
  5. normal vision

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  1. diabetic retinopathytreatment:laser photocoagulation of microaneurysm


  2. myopianearsightedness, caused by light rays focusing in front of the retina


  3. blindnesscomplete or almost complete absence of the sense of sight


  4. diabetic retinapthytreatment:laser photocoagulation of microaneurysm


  5. blepharitisinflammation of the eyelid margins,chronic inflammatory process