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history quarterly

regulated stockmarket, fraud, prevent abuses, basic data. Joseph Kennedy
young men, useful work outdoors. restored parks, battlefields
employed men, made dams for floods, cheap electricity
home owners loan corporation
issued $2bil. in bonds to refinance mortgages
insured loans, building and loan associations
Wagner Steagall Act
U.S. Housing Authority, loans to cities and states to clear away slums
raise income of farmers, reducing surplus of products, limited production of goods, prices went up but declared unconstitutional
codes for fair, each industry made by leaders of business and labor. set max hors of work and min wages, goods produced, prices, organized unions, small businesses could be monopolies but need for unions
$3bil+ to set up roads, gov. buildings, and others. didn't move fast enough
federal emergency act
$500mil for aid to unemployed
CWA (civil works administration)
created to avoid government handouts, helped people until other jobs came
election of 1934
congressional election. 3/4 seats in house and gained 10 seats in senate
provided work for disabled, cities and states, Henry Hopkins
national youth administration, offered work to young people.
social security
forced retirement plan. public assistance -> get 1/2 of funds from fed. government
unemployment insurance
fed. state program. $$ for laid off workers for # of weeks
reverne act
higher estate tax, increase taxes on higher incomes, reduce concentration of wealth & power
public utility holding company
restrict companies to operating single system in a single area.
electricity to rural areas (modernize)
regulates television and radio