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7 habits of highly effective teens


your view of the world based on knowledge and experience

mission statement

three questions that are answered by a _____________: what do I value, what are my talents, what are my goals?

Abraham Lincoln

was defeated for public office 6 times, failed in business 2 times, and had a nervous breakdown


the intersection of knowledge, skills, and desire is Covey's definition of a _________.

comfort zone

your__________ is risk-free

courage zone

the only place you'll reach your full potential


putting first things first takes___________.


according to Covey, our lives should be centered on__________.

peer pressure

you must care more about what you think of you to overcome________________.

hard moments

conflicts between doing the right things and the easier things

Ourselves, others, the world

we have paradigms about these three things:

Ignoring, pretending, selective, attentive, empathy

the levels of listening are:

social mirror

the____________ is where we view ourselves

third alternative

another name for compromise

scarcity mentality

jealousy of a friend's good fortune


taking responsibility for your life


being responsible for yourself


____________is composed of the words we say, body language, and the sounds we make


seeing how others view the world


living according to our values

delegation (help someone else)

the second principle of organization


having the freedom and ability to choose our response is being ____________.

abundance mentality

being happy for a friend's good fortune is________________.


being_________is based on feelings that are aroused because of conditions


we all have different__________.


Covey suggests that we should be centered on____________.


the first principle of organization is ___________.

time management

the art, science and practice of getting better control over the entire 24 hours in you day to create personal balance and increase productivity

wisely or not so wisely

two ways to spend your time:

great equalizer

time is the______________. We all get the same hours each day

Personal productivity

the measurement of what you accomplish each day. Includes all our successes throughout the entire 24 house of every day, in each and every dimension of our lives


quadrant 1 of Time Quadrant; urgent and important, leads to stress & anxiety, burnouts, & mediocre performances,


quadrant 2 of Time Quadrant; important, not urgent, leads to good time management, control in your life, balance, and high performance, you want to spend the most time in this quadrant

"Yes Man"

quadrant 3 of Time Quadrant; urgent, not important, tries to please others, you say yes to activities that take time away from achieving your goals, leads to reputation of being a pleaser, a lack of discipline, and feeling like a doormat


quadrant 4 of Time Quadrant; not urgent, not important, leads to lack of responsibility, guilt, and flakiness; shrink time in this quadrant by watching less TV, video games, etc.

Big Rocks

most important things you need to accomplish


totem-pole; when you or someone else wins in the problem and the other loses in the end; trying to get ahead at expense of the other; become jealous and envious when something good happens to someone close to you


doormat; you get walked on; you are peacemaker; you have low expectations, easily give in to peer pressure, hide true feelings


downward spiral; "If I'm going down, then you're going down with me, sucker"; revenge; usually happens when 2 win-lose get together, "Get Back At"


All-You-Can-Eat Buffet; you believe everyone can win; want others to succeed with you; work together to reach goals; compromise


a process that lets us work together and achieve more than we would working by ourselves


we sharpen the saw_________; exercise, nutrition, rest


we sharpen the saw_________; reading, writing, analyzing, planning


we sharpen the saw_________; meditation, inspirational activities


we sharpen the saw_________; strengthening relationships; emotional bank account


goals that are met by an alternative


what you give up in order to have an alternative

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