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Jamb Figures--Cult of the Saints, Chartres
c. 1220
from the south transept portal
more lifelike, more detailed
not fully attached to the jamb

Virgin and Child (Virgin of Paris)
stylistic s-curve pose
association w/ royalty (fleur de lys)

Death of the Virgin tympanum
Strasbourg Cathedral, France


Rottgen Pieta (Virgin with the Dead Christ) (Vesperbild)
Rhineland, GErmany
painted wood--3 ft tall
influenced by famines, wars, plagues--started emphasis on ecstatic joy/extreme suffering

St. Denis (constructed/planned by Abbot Suger)
1st gothic church (in france)
Lux Nova=more light

Chartres Cathedral
begun 1134--rebuilt after 1194
the back later rebuilt even more gothically

begun 1163
nave and flying buttresses 1180
remodeled after 1225
FLYING BUTTRESSES--additional support on the outside so walls can be THINNER AND HIGHER= more SPACE/LIGHT

Paris c. 1245
built by Louis IX to store relics
ALL STAINED GLASS (typical gothic)
new gothic style: Rayonnant (b/c of its radiating bar tracery)

Madonna Enthroned w/ Angels and Prophets
temperal on wood--12'x7'
tilted head (byzantine)
directs focus towards JEsus
Jesus holding up "peace sign)

Madonna Enthroned
tempera on wood--11'x7'
realistic space + facial construction
focus on Jesus AND Mary
gothic cathedral style throne--"Aedicula"


Maesta Altarpiece
tempera+gold on wood panel
massive in size--7'x13'
gothic/byzantine influence
made to thank Mary for a sienese victory against florence--sienses pride
finishing date=holiday
*very soft humans and drapery--more realistic


Annunciation of Saints
by Simone Martini (+Lippo Memi)
tempera+gold on wood panel
Mary= dainty
figures more graceful
dove=holy spirit--while lilies=purity
mary holding bible=historically inaccurate
mary frightened/surprised

Allegory of Good Government/Allegory of Good Government in the Country
(fresco) by Lorenzetti brothers
c.1338-1340 from Palazzo Pubblico, Siena
secular--showing off city's good gov't/inspire good decision-making


Sienna vs. Florence

major competition going on
key players:
Duccio (sienese)
Giotto (florence)

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