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Homework Study Questions..not terms

The basic unit of all living things is the:
a. organ
b. system
c. tissue
d. cell

d. cell

The abdominal cavity contains the:
a. esophagus
b. urinary bladder
c. liver
d. spinal cord

c. liver

The major covering of the exernal surface of the body is made up of?

epithelial tissue

the throacic cavity contains the?


The structure in the cell that contains the chromososmes is the?


Groups of similar cells that perform specific functions make up?


Tissue responsible for coordinating and controlling body activities is?

nervous tissue

Two or more kinds of tissue that together perform special body functions are called?

an organ

The combining form of hist/o is defined as


the combinging form of my/o is defined as


the combining form that means internal organs is


A combining form that means flesh is


The combining form onc/o is defined as


the combining form that means cause (of disease) is


The combining form of carcin/o means


The combining form chrom/o is defined as


The combining form that means red is


The combining form lei/o is defined as


The prefix that means after, beyond, change is


The suffix that means control, stop, and standing is


The suffix-plasia is defined as

a condition of formation, development, growth

The suffix that means a substance or agent that produces or causes is


The prefix that means through, complete is


The suffix -genic is defined as

producing, originating, causing

The suffix -sarconoma is defined as

malignant tumor

The term taht means new growth (of abnormal tissue or tumor) is


A tumor composed of muscle tissue is


The term rhabdomyosarcoma is defined as

malignant tumor of striated muscle

the term carcinoma is defined as

cancerous tumor

The correct way to analyze the term melanocarcinoma is


A tumor composed of fat is a


The term neruroma is built from which of the following combinations of word parts?

word root, combining vowel, and suffix

The term that means cancerous tumor of a glandular tissue is


The term that means disease of the body is


The study of tissue is called


hyperplasis is defined as cell development that is


Incomplete development of an organ or tissues is called


The study of of cells is


the term karyocyte is defined as

a cell with a nucleus

the term that means pertaining to the internal organs of the body is


If a tumor is becoming progressively worse and is likely to cause death, it is


The term idiopathic is defined as

pertaining to a disease of unknown origin

If a tumor is found to be benign, it is


The term that means cancer in the early stage, before invading the surrounding tissue is

carcinoma in situ

The term that means an increase in the severity of a disease or its symptoms is


A substance that that produces cancer is said to be a


The term that means state of complete knowledge is


A term that means abnormal condition of bluish discolorationis


the study of disease is called


The term taht means a physician who studies and treats tumors is


Cancer that has spread to another organ is called


Xanthochromic means

pertaining to yellow color

Organoid is a medical term meaning

resembling an organ

The plural form for carcinoma is


The plural ending for "-ix" is


The abbreviation RBC means red blood cell, also known as


The abbreviaton for the medical term meaning state of complete knowledge is


Tumors of connective tissue usually develop rapidly and metastasize through the lymph channels. These tumors are called:


The presence of fibroid tumors is a common diagnosis in fertile women over 40 years of age. Becuase they are derived from the smooth muscle of the uterus, they are called


A disease or disorder orgininating in the body as opposed to a psychological construct would be referred to as


The oncology patient's pathology report stated that there is metastasis present, whcih would mean that

the cancer has spread literal beyond control

The physician wrote in his progress note that the patient is in remission, meaning

there is imporovement or absence of signs and symptoms of the disease

A medical term formed from the first letters of the words in a phrase, which can be spoken as a whole word and usually contains a vowel, such as laser, is

an acroym

Terms built from the name of a person, often a physician or scientisit who was the first to identify a condition or technique, such as alzheimer disease is

an eponym

The word part that contains the fundamental meaning of the word is the

word root

The word part that is attached to the beginning of a word root to modify its meaning is the


The word part that is attached to the end of a word root to modify its meaning is the


All medical terms have at least one

word root

A combining form is made up of a

word root and a combining vowel

A combining vowel is used to

ease word pronunciation

The most common combining vowel is


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