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  1. clear and present danger
  2. what is the latin meaning for terra firma?
  3. Ivy League
  4. what is babel?
  5. Alger, Horatio, Jr.
  1. a the standard set by the Supreme Court for judging when freedom of speech may lawfully be limited.
  2. b a group of eight old distinguished colleges
  3. c american author in the 19th century known for books where poor boys became rich through honest attitudes and hard work
  4. d confusion and noise
  5. e firm or solid ground

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  1. a city of the Roman Empire on the Italian seacost
  2. my fault or my blame
  3. An eruption from Mount Vesuvius
  4. something for something
  5. make decision now; stop hesitating

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  1. what does the expression cry wolf mean?to stop fishing


  2. Blarney Stonein a wall in ireland. a legend shows that those who kiss it recieve a gift of eloquence.


  3. Tower of Bablea tower that the decendents of Noah built that was intended to reach heaven to be god like


  4. what does it mean to cut bait?to stop fishing


  5. what is the latin meaning for semperfedelis?always faithful


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