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  1. Seven Wonders of The Ancient World
  2. what is the latin meaning for terra firma?
  3. Camelot
  4. mea culpa
  5. Fish or cut bait
  1. a in the legends of kind Aurthur; The capital of his kingdom
  2. b make decision now; stop hesitating
  3. c famous structures of the ancient times
  4. d firm or solid ground
  5. e expression from cathloic ritual that assigns blame to oneself

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  1. Colossus of Rhodes the hanging gardens of Babylon, the Pharos of Alexabdria, The pyramids of Egypt, statue of jupiter by phidias, the temple of Diana at Ephesu, and the tomb of Mausolus
  2. american author in the 19th century known for books where poor boys became rich through honest attitudes and hard work
  3. sleep
  4. A roman god of sleep and dreams
  5. brown, columbia, ccornell, harvard, princeton, yale, dartmouth, and the unniversity of Pennsylvania

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  1. what does the expression cry wolf mean?to issue a false alarm


  2. What reigned in camelot?confusion and noise


  3. what does modus operandi mean in latin?my fault or my blame


  4. Captain Ahabconfusion and noise


  5. modus operandia tower that the decendents of Noah built that was intended to reach heaven to be god like