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  1. Blarney Stone
  2. what is the latin meaning for semperfedelis?
  3. what does modus operandi mean in latin?
  4. clear and present danger
  5. Tower of Bable
  1. a a tower that the decendents of Noah built that was intended to reach heaven to be god like
  2. b method of operation
  3. c in a wall in ireland. a legend shows that those who kiss it recieve a gift of eloquence.
  4. d the standard set by the Supreme Court for judging when freedom of speech may lawfully be limited.
  5. e always faithful

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  1. the captain of the ship in the novel Moby Dick
  2. A roman god of sleep and dreams
  3. brown, columbia, ccornell, harvard, princeton, yale, dartmouth, and the unniversity of Pennsylvania
  4. John F. Kennedy
  5. something for something

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  1. Double, double toil and trouble: Fire Burn, and cauldron bubblelines chanted by 3 witches in the play Macbeth, as they mix a potion.


  2. who is someone who is the arms of morpheus?sleep


  3. what does the expression cry wolf mean?to issue a false alarm


  4. capital offensea crime such as murder


  5. What destroyed pompeii?confusion and noise