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  1. what does the expression cry wolf mean?
  2. Dr. Watson
  3. Adonis
  4. "The boy who cried wolf"
  5. Maya Angelou
  1. a 20th century African american writer who is best known for an autobiographical account of growing up as a black girl in the rural south
  2. b companion of Sherlock Holmes
  3. c in mythology it is an extremey beautiful boy
  4. d to issue a false alarm
  5. e a younge sheperd who pretended that wolves were attacking his sheep and when the villagers came to help he would be laughing at them and one day when the wolves actually came the villagers didnt come

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  1. something for something
  2. lines chanted by 3 witches in the play Macbeth, as they mix a potion.
  3. a tower that the decendents of Noah built that was intended to reach heaven to be god like
  4. they are saying things they dont mean to get what they want
  5. An eruption from Mount Vesuvius

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  1. mea culpaexpression from cathloic ritual that assigns blame to oneself


  2. what does it mean to cut bait?truth, goodness and beauty


  3. who is idealized as an amaerican camelot?truth, goodness and beauty


  4. terra firmadry land


  5. Achillesin mythology it is an extremey beautiful boy