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  1. what does it mean when people talk blarney?
  2. What reigned in camelot?
  3. Achilles
  4. Fish or cut bait
  5. What destroyed pompeii?
  1. a make decision now; stop hesitating
  2. b the greatest warrior on the greek side in the trojan war
  3. c they are saying things they dont mean to get what they want
  4. d truth, goodness and beauty
  5. e An eruption from Mount Vesuvius

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  1. a younge sheperd who pretended that wolves were attacking his sheep and when the villagers came to help he would be laughing at them and one day when the wolves actually came the villagers didnt come
  2. the captain of the ship in the novel Moby Dick
  3. a group of eight old distinguished colleges
  4. american author in the 19th century known for books where poor boys became rich through honest attitudes and hard work
  5. firm or solid ground

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  1. who is idealized as an amaerican camelot?John F. Kennedy


  2. Double, double toil and trouble: Fire Burn, and cauldron bubblelines chanted by 3 witches in the play Macbeth, as they mix a potion.


  3. mea culpadry land


  4. what does it mean to cut bait?to stop fishing


  5. Tower of Bableconfusion and noise


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