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Number of times angels are referenced in scripture?
34 books in the Bible
17 OT and 17 NT books make reference
total number of references is 273
3 attributes of personality in angels
will, intellect, and emotion
What are the Greek and Hebrew words for angel?
Hebrew: Malak- "messenger"
Greek: Angelos- "messenger"
3 angels names, their meanings, and purposes
Michael- "Who is like God"; leader and commander of God's army
Gabriel- "Mighty one of God"; God's messenger to His people
Lucifer- "Shining one/star of the morning"; he was a cherub who held position of authority around the throne-like a priestly role
How are angels superior to men?
1. Stronger
2. More knowledgeable
3. Can fly
4. Unbound by space and time
5. No sin nature
Describe the cheribum
1. four faces- man (front), lion (right), ox (left), and eagle (back)
2. two pairs of wings- one to fly and one to cover themselves, they sound like waves
3. legs like a man, feet like a calves' hooves which shine like polished brass
4. one human hand under each wing
5. travel groups of 4 (form a square)
EXTRA: ophanim- chariots of angels that move the cheribum
Describe the seraphim
1. name means "burning ones"
2. they have 6 wings- 2 to cover their face, 2 to cover their feet and 2 to fly
3. proclaim God's glory saying, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts"
4. Their praise shakes the foundation of Heaven's temple
Angel activities in Heaven
1. worship the person of God
2. observe the people of God
3. inquire the plan of God
4. rejoice in the works of God
5. perform the will of God
Activities on Earth
Regarding believers:
1. inform, instruct, and interpret regarding the will and word of God
2. protect
3. provide
4. encourage acts
5. direct
6. assist in answers to prayer
7. carry believers home
Regarding the unbelievers:
1. execute God's judgement
God's 6 fold judgement against Satan
1. fell from his original exalted position
2. ultimate defeat prophesied in Eden
3. rendered powerless through the cross
4. will be cast of heaven during the tribulation
5. will be bound in the pit for 1000 years
6. will finally be cast out into the lake of fire
Origins of demons (false views about them)
1. they are the spirits of the dead, wicked men
2. they are spirits of a pre-Adamic race (goes with the Gap theory)
3. spirits of an unnatural union of fallen angels and human women
4. the fallen angels
Tow groups of fallen angels
1. Chained (in Tartarus, bottomless pit, Euphrates River)
2. Unchained
Activities of demons
1. oppose God's plan
2. execute Satan's program
3. spread false doctrine
4. afflict human beings
-suicidal mania
-personal injuries
-physical defects (disease)
-influence the mind
-deceive humans