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Characteristics of Plants

* plants are multicellular
* they are eukaryotes
* membrane- bound organelle
* nucleus

Plants Life Cycle 1

Sporophyte- plants make spores that are genetically identical to the parent plant

Plants Life Cycle 2

Gametophyte- plants reproduce gametes
Female game-eggs/Male game-sperm

New Plant to Repro.

a sperm cell must fuse with, or fertilize an egg. The fertilized egg can grow into a sporophyte

Cell Wall

* supports and protects the plant cell
* determines size and shape


the main component of plant wells and walls


plant contains the vacuole. If vacuole losses water, the plant begins to wilt.


the process the plants and other organisms use to convert solar energy to chemical energy / occurs in an organelle called chloroplast


green pigment that captures energy from sunlight

Plants Grouped

1} nonvascular
2} vascular

Vascular System

tube like tissues that transport water, nutrients, and other materials/ allows plants to grow large

Nonvascualr Plants

water moves from the environment and throughout the plant by diffusion

Vascualr Plants

have a vascular system
1} root system
2} shoot system

Root system

made of roots and other underground structures

Shoot System

above ground structures
ex. stems, leaves, flowers

3 main- Vascular Plants



nonvascular structure that help mosses attach to surfaces and help plants get water and nutrients


have roots and rhizomes that help them spread


underground stems from which new leaves and roots grow


a plant embryo enclosed in a protective coating


tiny structure in which sperm forms


plants that produce seeds that are not enclosed in a fruit


produce seeds in a large woody structure called cones that grow in a thick trunk


vascular plants that produce flowers and fruits that surround and protect seeds


cover and protect the flower while it is growing


male- repro. structure made up of an anther which produces pollen
female- pistil is the repro. structure seed which develops in the ovary at the base of the pistil


modern medicines are derived from chemicals found in the plants

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