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GRK501 - Greek 1 from Reformation International Theological Seminary, chapters 1-17 of New Testament Greek for Beginners by Gresham Machen.

Short Vowels

α ε ο ι υ

Long Vowels

α η ω ι υ

Dipthong open vowels

α ε ο

Dipthong close vowels

ι υ


pronounced like long i as in aisle


pronounced like long a in fate


pronounced like oi in oil


pronounced like ow in cow


pronounced like eu in feud


pronounced like oo in food


pronounced like uee in queen

ηυ ωυ

are rare and pronounced by drawing sounds of each letter closely together

Iota Subscript Dipthongs

αι ηι ωι (iota is drawn as subscript under each open vowel and has not effect)

Long Dipthongs

αυ ει ευ ου υι

Short Diphthongs (only on the end of a word, otherwise, long)

αι οι

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