History 2.7

there were bishops that said "when we get together in meetings, we are more powerful than the pope" but it didn't work out. What was the event called?
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So what does Phillip do? who does he appoint to do it but what happens?makes the Spanish Inquisition to find out who is and isn't Catholic -Cardinal Granvelle was in charge of it -unleashes civil warwho was the leader rebel?-William, Prince of Orange, "William the Silent" he was the leader of the Spanish Netherlands rebelsWho does Philip II appoint to fight back the rebels? talk abt himDuke of Alba- sets up military govt called COuncil of troubles/ Council of BloodWhy does the Spanish not do so well? 2 pts-rebels flood roads so SPanish can't come -Sea beggers/ pirates attack themBcuz the SPanish are mad abt this and that they haven't been paid in a while, what happens?they attack everyone at Antwerp -loot ppl, rape, murderHow does Phillip get help? How do Dutch Netherland rebels get help?-joins alliance with 10 catholic southern provinces in netherlands -William gets assasinated help from Elizabeth/ englandWho wins in the end?Dutch Netherland pplDONE!!!!!