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Operating System

Software that controls the hardware attached to your computer.

Graphical User Interface

An interface that uses graphics or pictures to represent commands and actions.


The working area of the Windows 7 screen.


A graphic representation-often a small image on a button-that enables you to run a program or a program function.


A small note, usually displayed in a yellow box, which provides information about or describes a screen element.


A dynamic program that can be moved anywhere on your screen.

Snipping Tool

A program that captures a screen or part of a screen.


To remove the window from the screen without closing it.


To increase the size of a window to fill the screen.

Windows Explorer

A program that enables you to create and manage folders, and to copy, move, sort, and delete files.

Graphical user interface

GUI is an acronym for _____.


You can activate a shortcut menu by placing the pointer over an object and clicking the ____ mouse button.


A box that asks you to make a decision about an individual object or topic is called a ____ box.


The button on the left side of the taskbar that is used to open programs, change system settings, find Windows help, or shut down the computer is called the ___ button.


The files and folders stored in the selected disk drive or folder are displayed in the ____ list.


When you create a new folder, the folder name displays in _____ mode.


When you copy an item, it is stored in the ____, a temporary storage area in Windows.


You can ___ a file or files to reduce the size of the files or combine files to make them easier to send.


When you create a search folder, the search name displays in the Navigation pane in the ____ category.


A custom file property that is read during searches is the ____ property.


Computer programs.

Application software

Programs that enable you to accomplish a specific tasks or solve a specific need.

Computer network

Two or more computers connected together to enable resource sharing.


Used to manage network resources, this type of computer can be dedicated to a specific task.

DVDs or CDs

Optical disk drives use this type of storage media.


The layout or design/arrangement of computers connected to a network.


A peripheral device uses this to attach to the computer.


A programmable electronic device that can input, process, output, and store data.


The physical components of a computer system.


Hardware connected outside the computer's system unit.

Console/system unit

The hardware unit that typically contains the CPU, RAM, a hard disk, and a power supply.

Motherboard/system board

A large printed circuit board to which all the other components are connected.

Memory (RAM)

The temporary storage that holds data and instructions waiting to be processed.


The processing unit.


This type of program threatens a user's privacy.


Which of the following requires one byte of storage?

2 GHz

Which of the following units represents the fastest CPU clock speed?


Which of the following is not an input device?

Compact disc

Which of the following is an example of optical storage media?


Which of the following is not a type of computer?


Before a computer can process data, where must data be stored?


What term, related to computers, means billions?


Which of the following is not a type of microcomputer?


Which of the following can prevent the easy and causal connection to your computer by a nonauthorized user?


Which of the following is capable of opening a "back door" on a computer and is able to spread without human interaction?

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