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Urban Sprawl


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Urban Sprawl
The rapid and often poorly planned spread of cities and suburbs out into the countryside
Urban Core
The "downtown" or business district of a city. Also considered to be the central part of a city.
An area of housing on the edge of a city, also known as an urban fringe.
Rural Fringe
The outer ring of a metropolitan area. This area is where open spaces, farm land and the natural environment are typically found. This is the area being gobbled up most by urban sprawl.
Metropolitan Area
A major population center made up of a large city and the smaller suburbs and towns that surround it.
Public Transit System
The public transportation system of a metropolitan area. This system includes trolleys, trains, subways, bus routes, car pool lanes, bike lanes etc.
Mixed-use development
development that combines housing and businesses in one area rather than having them separate and further spread out.
Filling in empty or run down areas of a city rather than developing unused land on the fringe. Tearing down older buildings and using the lot for the new building.
Suburban sprawl
when leave the core and move to the suburbs.