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huge, irregularly shaped intrusion that extends deep into the earth's crust


process by which sediments are cemented together by minerals dissolved in water to form sedimentary rock


process by which layers of sediments are pressed together to form sedimentary rock

contact metamorphism

type of metamorphism that occurs when rocks are heated by contact with magma or lava


narrow, flat formation of igneous rock formed in vertical cracks in the existing rocks


sedimentary rock formed when water evaporates and leaves behind mineral deposits


igneous rock that forms on the earth's surface

extrusive rock

igneous rock formed from lava on the earth's surface


texture of some metamorphic rocks in which mineral crystals are arranged in parallel bands along which rocks tend to break

igneous rock

rock formed by the heating and cooling of hot liquid rock


irregular rock formation of intrusive rock formed by magma beneath the earth's crust


domelike intrusion that pushes overlying rocks into an arch and has a flat floor

metamorphic rock

rock formed when a sedimentary or igneous rock is changed by heat, pressure or chemical reactions


changing one type of rock into another as a result of tremendous heat, pressure, or chemical reactions


scientist who studyes rocks and their mineral composition


igneous rock whose cooling rate has changed and thus has two or more different sized crystals

regional metamorphism

type of metamorphism that occurs over large areas when rocks buried deep within the earth are changed by increases in temperature and pressure

rock cycle

the continuous change of rocks from one type to another


small pieces of rocks, shells, or the remains of plants and animals that have been carried along and deposited by wind, water or ice

sedimentary rock

rock formed from sediments that have been pressed and cemented together


sheetlike mass of igneous rock


intrusion similar to a batholith that has an exposed area of less than 100 square kilometers


layers of sedimentary rock


texture of some metamorphic rockds in which crystals are not arranged in bands and do not break in layers

lava plateau

layers of lava that build up on a flat area on the earth's surface

intrusive rock

igneous rock formed deep within the earth's crust

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