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Cooper - Side 2

RAMYN, COOPER, and YOUNG COP stand outside a bar. COOPER is visibly drunk, smoking a cigarette and rambling.

RAMYN: Yeah?
COOPER: You getting frustrated with this case. Feel like we're chasing a ghosts. No one's seen Robb and this Taylor Johnson doesn't exist so what are we doing?
RAMYN: I don't know Coop.
COOPER/Young Cop (unison, COOPER serious, cop in jest): We're making a difference.

Everyday we go out there. We fight the good fight no matter what. Because we have a responsibility. We have know. We have to...
YOUNG COP: We know, sir/
RAMYN: Help me get him out of here.
Young cop: this way sir.
Ramyn and young cop walk Cooper down the street.