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Vocabulary words for lessons 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, thermal energy, and kinetic theory of matter.


a measure of the average kinetic energy of all the particles in an object


a device for measuring temperature


evenly spaced units used to measure temperature


a flow of energy from an object at a higher temperature to an object at a lower temperature


the amount of energy needed to increase the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1 degree C

joule (J)

the standard scientific unit used to measure energy

1 calorie = 4.18 joules

specific heat

the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of a substance by 1oC


The process that moves energy (heat) from one object to another when they are touching


material that transfers energy (heat) easily


material that does NOT transfer energy (heat) easily


The transfer of energy (heat) by the movement of particles in liquids and gases


Energy (heat) travels through empty space on electromagnetic waves (light, microwaves, and infrared light)

kinetic theory of matter

a theory stating that all matter is made of particles in motion

thermal energy

the total amount of kinetic energy of particles in an object

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