Medical Terminology Quiz # 4

50 terms by Clittzen

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Quiz # 4 chapters 7 - 8 to Medical Terminology.

The primary male sex organs is are the:


The scrotum encases the:


The coiled tube on top of the testes that carries the mature sperm is the:


The combining form that means glands penix is:


The combining form that means male is:


The combining form that means testis, testicle is:


The combning form for vessel, duct is:


The suffix ism is defined as:

State of.

The term that means undescended testes is:


The term that means inflammation of the prostate gland and seminal vesicles is:


The term anorchism is defined as:

State of absense of testis.

The term orchiepididymitis means inflmmation of the:

Testes and epididymis.

Scrotal swelling caused by a collection of fluid along the tubes within the testes is called:


The creation of artificial openings between ducts is called:


Male sterilization is performed by:


The surgical resection of the prostate gland through the urethrea is called:

Transurethral resection of the prostate gland.

The absense of sperm is called:


The term that means the foreskin of the penis is:


Testicular torsion is the medical term that means:

Twisting of the spermatic cord.

The term circumcision is defined as:

Surgical removal of the prepuce.

A physical examination in which the physician palpates the prostate gland to scren for BPH and prostate cancer is called:

Digital rectal examanation.

Human Papillom virus is also called:

Veneral warts.

The process that rends an individual unable to produce offspring is:


Which of the following is the abbreviation for a blood test in which an elevated result may indicated prostate cancer?


The term that means tightness of the prepuce is:


Egg cells are formed in the:


The passageway from the ovary to the uterus is called the:

Fallopian tube.

The middle layer of the uterus is the:


The ovaries are indicated by the combining form:


The prefix peri means:


The term mastisis means inflammation of the:


The term that means an excision of the uterus is the:


The term perineorrhaphy is defined as a:

Suture of a tear in the perineum.

In a D & C, the D stands for dilation of the:


The medical specialty that deals with disorders of the female reproductive system is:


The term that means pain in the breast is:


TVH is the abbreviation for:

Total vaginal hyterectomy.

The pigmented area at the center of the breast is called:

The areola.

The pelvic floor in both male and female is called the:


The narrow lower portion of the uterus is called:


The pair of mucus-producing glands located on each side of and just above the vaginal opening are the:

Bartholin glands.

The word root salping- means:

Fallopian tube.

The term that means painful menstrual dischage is:


The term for inflammation of the inner (lining) on the uterus is:


THe term amenorrhea is defined as:

Absense of menstrual discharge.

THe term that means abnormal conditon of growth of endometrial tissue is various areas of the pelvic cavity is:


Sterilization is accomplised by a procedure called:

Tubal Ligation.

The term that means white dischage (from the vagina is)


The beginning of mensturation is called:


The term that means scanty menstural flow is:


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