20 terms


indian tradition of isolating women in separate quarters
ram mohun roy
promoted indian cultural pride and is often called the founder of indian nationalism
trade surplus
economic situation that occurs when a nation exports more than it imports
colony administered by local rulers with european advisers
guang xu
emperor who launched the hundred days of reform in china
sun yixian
president of the new chinese republic after the fall of the Quing dynasty
usman dan fodio
leader who sparked an islamic revival across west africa in the early 1800s
trade deficit
economic situation that occurs when a nation imports more than it exports
leader of the powerful zulu kingdom in the early 1800s
balance of trade
the difference between how much money a country imports and how much it exports
westerners thought they had a duty to bring their civilization to inferior races
which of the following was a social darwinist argument in favor of western imperialism
sierra leone
what colony did the british help create for freed slaves in west africa in 1787
end the slave trade
david livingstone believed the opening the interior of africa to christianity and trade would
the discovery of gold and diamonds on boer-held lands
the boer war was sparked by
ethiopia modernized and imported european weapons
ethiopia was able to remain independent because
the desire to return to the purity and simplicity of muhammad's original teachings is what reform movement
gain access to the mediterranean sea
as the ottoman empire crumbled, russia plotted to seize the bosporus and dan...
the interest of europeans in iran intensified with what discovery in the region
sepoy rebellion
rifle cartridges greased with animal fat were a key cause of the
protect U.S. trading rights in china
the purpose of the open door policy was to