20 terms

LNE GoPo Unit 1 Vocab

strong support for a party & its policies
the current office holder
Splinter parties
parties that split from a majority party
supported by two parties
all of the people eligible to vote
Political socialization
process by which people gain their political opinions
the right to vote
Ballot fatigue
a decrease in voting that occurs as voters work through the ballot
drawing electoral district lines to limit a group's voting strength
Political efficacy
feeling of one's ability to influence politics
Hard money
contributions given directly to candidates
Open primary
a party's primary in which any qualified voter can vote.
Soft money
contributions to a political parties or other political organizations.
Closed primary
a party's primary in which only declared party members can vote
General election
regularly scheduled elections to make final selections of office holders.
person who tries to persuade public officials to do what interest groups what them to do.
Public affairs
issues that concern the people at large
Interest groups
group of people who work to shape public policy to their benefit
Labor unions
organization of workers who share the same type of job or who work in the same industry
Public policy
the goals that a government pursues