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Faliure to Function Adequatley

If someone can't cope with everyday life the may need help and are considered 'abnormal' (unwell). For example
-Self care, washing and cleaning their selves
-Hold down a job
-Able to socialise

Rosen + Seligman 1989 Characteristics

-Maladaptiveness (danger to theirselves)
-Vividness + Unconventionality (stand out)
-Unpredictibility + Loss of Control
-Irrationality / Uncomprehensibility
-Causes observer discomfort
-Violates moral / social standards


-To vague
-To many people have treatment e.g. people that take part in extreme sports such as sking or snowboarding danger to theirselves.
-You might not be able to tell if someone is really suffering
-In some cultures suffering is seen as a belief and a good thing.

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