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fu mo

floating (superficial)

chen mo

sinking (deep, submerged, sunken)

Chi mo

slow (slowed down)

shu mo

rapid (quick, accelerated)

xu mo

empty (weak, exhausted, deficiency)

shi mo

full (strong, replete, excess)

hua mo

slippery (rolling)

se mo

choppy (rough, grating, difficult)

chang mo


duan mo

short (brief)

hong mo

flooding (huge, tidal, overflowing)

Da mo

big (large)

wei mo

minute (evanescent, diminutive)

jin mo

tight (tense)

huan mo

moderate (languid, leisurely, slowed down)

xuan mo

wiry (stringy, bowstring)

hou mo

hollow (onion stalk, leek stalk)

ge mo

leather (combo of wiry and floating - deficient blood or jing?, tympanic)

lao mo

confined (fixed, prison, firm, hard)

Ru mo

soggy (combo of thin/empty/floating - only in superficial position. deficient blood or jing. sometimes damp. frail, soft, weak, floating)

ruan mo


ruo mo

frail (infirm, weak)

San mo

scattered (dispersed)

xi mo

thin (fine, minute, small, thready)

fu mo

hidden (recondite, buried)

Dong mo

moving (combo of short/tight/slippery/rapid. Incomplete w/o head or tail. rare. see it w/ heart palpitations, fright, fever, pain. Spinning bean, mobile, agitated)

cu mo

hurried (hasty, agitated, accelerated, short)

jie mo

knotted (adherent, nodular)

dai mo

intermittent (replacement)

ji mo

racing (rushing, swift, fast, hurried)

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