30 terms

Acupuncture Review, chapter 3, pulse table

fu mo
floating (superficial)
chen mo
sinking (deep, submerged, sunken)
Chi mo
slow (slowed down)
shu mo
rapid (quick, accelerated)
xu mo
empty (weak, exhausted, deficiency)
shi mo
full (strong, replete, excess)
hua mo
slippery (rolling)
se mo
choppy (rough, grating, difficult)
chang mo
duan mo
short (brief)
hong mo
flooding (huge, tidal, overflowing)
Da mo
big (large)
wei mo
minute (evanescent, diminutive)
jin mo
tight (tense)
huan mo
moderate (languid, leisurely, slowed down)
xuan mo
wiry (stringy, bowstring)
hou mo
hollow (onion stalk, leek stalk)
ge mo
leather (combo of wiry and floating - deficient blood or jing?, tympanic)
lao mo
confined (fixed, prison, firm, hard)
Ru mo
soggy (combo of thin/empty/floating - only in superficial position. deficient blood or jing. sometimes damp. frail, soft, weak, floating)
ruan mo
ruo mo
frail (infirm, weak)
San mo
scattered (dispersed)
xi mo
thin (fine, minute, small, thready)
fu mo
hidden (recondite, buried)
Dong mo
moving (combo of short/tight/slippery/rapid. Incomplete w/o head or tail. rare. see it w/ heart palpitations, fright, fever, pain. Spinning bean, mobile, agitated)
cu mo
hurried (hasty, agitated, accelerated, short)
jie mo
knotted (adherent, nodular)
dai mo
intermittent (replacement)
ji mo
racing (rushing, swift, fast, hurried)