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Interpersonal Communication

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How we see the world.
Any interaction between more than
two people.
When people treat one another as unique individuals, regardless of the context in which the interaction occurs or the number of people involved.
Communication Competence
Balancing both effective and appropriate when communicating.
The field of experiences that leads a person to make sense of another's behavior.
Interpersonal Communication
Communication between two people.
Perceived Self
The person we believe ourselves to be in moments of self-examination.
Presenting Self
Public image; the way we want to appear to others.
The relatively stable set of perceptions you hold of yourself.
Part of self-concept that involves evaluations of self-worth.
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
An expectation of an event, followed by beahviors based on that expectation, making the outcome more likely to occur.
Social Comparison
Evaluation of oneself in terms of or by comparison to others.
The ability to project oneself into another person's point of view, so as to experience the other's thoughts and feelings.
Compassion for another's situation.
Gender Role
Socially approved ways that men and women are expected to behave.
Halo Effect
The power of a first impression to influence subsequent perceptions.
Self-Serving Bias
The tendency to interpret and explain information in a way that casts the perceiver in the most favorable manner.
Categorizing individuals according to a set of characteristics assumed to belong to all members of a group.
Communication about communication.
The attitude that one's own culutre is superior to others.