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  1. After inserting the CVL what does the patient get?
  2. Solutions given rapidly need what type of tubing?
  3. What are the 2 types of Non-Tunneled Central Venous Lines?
  4. hypertonic solutions can also cause impaired what?
  5. Who can Insert a PICC line?
  1. a certified PICC RN's and up
  2. b A Chest X-Ray
  3. c macrodrip tubing
  4. d heart and kidney function, which cant handle the extra fluid
  5. e Multilumen
    PIC (peripherally inserted central catheter)

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  1. resp distress, SQ emphysema
  2. circulatory overload
  3. sterile
    1.cleanse with alcohol X2
    2.swab with betadine
    3.use a non-coring Huber needle, 20g
    4.change dressing and mark with date and initials
  4. -emergency access
    -npo (nothing by mouth) status
  5. P-white, 18g, for blood samples/adm and meds
    M-blue, 18g, for TPN ONLY
    D-brown, 16g, for CVP monitoring, blood adm, high volume/viscous fluids, colloids, meds

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  1. In relation to IV therapy what 6 things do nurses need to know?1.what (is ordered)
    2.why (it was ordered)
    3.Intended Outcome
    4.Side Effects
    5.the patient's 5 rights
    6.documentation required


  2. What are the 3 types of Tunneled Central Venous Lines?Multilumen
    PIC (peripherally inserted central catheter)


  3. Standard Microdrop size is what?60 drops per mL


  4. Third spacing is what?DANGEROUS: Fluid accumulation where fluid is not meant to pool. WHERE? Peritonieal Cavity, Pericardium & Pleural spaces (most common) WHY? Not enough Albumin in vascular system so it can't hold fluid like it's supposed to and ends up leaking. Body can't get rid of it (has to be drained) ALSO BECAUSE OF changes in oncotic or hydrostatic pressure, RESULT: Fluid that is "lost" from circulation.


  5. How often do you have to flush tunneled caths?turn patient on to LEFT side with head DOWN
    notify the MD