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  1. Why would a patient need a CVL (central venous line)?
  2. CVL=Lumen color, sizes and use;
  3. What is a Central Venous Line?
  4. what is a catheter fragment embolism?
  5. Who can insert a Port a Cath?
  1. a long term therapy
    inability to access periph veins
    administration of TPN or irritating agents
    to monitor internal pressure
  2. b P-white, 18g, for blood samples/adm and meds
    M-blue, 18g, for TPN ONLY
    D-brown, 16g, for CVP monitoring, blood adm, high volume/viscous fluids, colloids, meds
  3. c Breaking off the tip of the IV catheter inside the vein; the tip then travels through the venous system, where it can lodge in pulmonary circulation as a pulmonary embolism
  4. d catheter inserted through the skin into a large vein, usually the superior vena cava or inferior vena cava or within the R atrium of the heart
  5. e Only an MD

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  1. circulatory overload
  2. you keep the air in the apex of the right ventricle and permit the blood to dissipate into the pulmonary system
  3. infiltration
  4. 10-15 drops per mL
  5. 1.what (is ordered)
    2.why (it was ordered)
    3.Intended Outcome
    4.Side Effects
    5.the patient's 5 rights
    6.documentation required

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  1. symptoms of pneumothorax?pain along course of vein
    redness and edema at injection site
    arm is warm to touch


  2. After CVL is placed and an xray is taken, what is the next step?A Chest X-Ray


  3. Isotonic Fluids can cause what? As well as decrease the concentration of what two things?They hydrate cells by decreasing serum osmolality, shifting body fluids from blood vessels into cells and interstitial spaces
    have an osmolality less than 250mOsm/L


  4. What are the 3 types of Tunneled Central Venous Lines?Hickman


  5. How often do you have to flush tunneled caths?stop IV immediately
    restart IV in another vein
    elevate extremity
    apply warm moist compress to affected site