Ch. 20 Poultry Study Guide

put the bird in a big kettle and cover it completely with water. Then, cover the kettle and simmer until poultry is tender.
add a small amount of water to a skillet containing browned poultry pieces. Then, cover the skillet tightly and cook over low heat until poultry is tender.
cut the bird into pieces, coat the pieces with breading or batter, and brown them in 1/2 inch of hot fat.
place poultry pieces on a pan, brush them lightly with melted margarine, and place the pan 4-5 inches, from the heat source.
place the bird breast side up in a shallow pan, season the cavity, and place the pan in a 325 degree F oven.
Boning chicken at home can save money over buying boned chicken pieces
Dark meat is slightly higher in fat than light meat
Poultry contains more bone in proportion to muscle than does red meat
All poultry sold in interstate commerce must be graded
Poultry can be stored in the freezer for up to one year
Commercially stuffed frozen turkeys should be thawed before cooking
Cooked poultry with dark-colored bones should not be eaten
Cooking bags use steam to shorten cooking time when roasting poultry
Poultry pieces with bones should be grilled over direct heat
To ensure even cooking in a microwave oven, poultry pieces should be arranged with the bony portions to the center
For quick thawing, poultry can be
wrapped in a tightly closed plastic bag and placed in a sink full of cold water
A pink color in poultry indicates
a harmless chemical reaction has taken place
Large birds should be trussed before roasting to
prevent the wing and leg tips from overbrowning, make the bird easier to handle, and make the bird more attractive to serve
Poultry is a good source of all the following nutrients:
phosphorus, proteins and thiamin
This bird has the most fat
Give two suggestions for choosing and preparing poultry to be included in a reduced-fat diet
choose chicken over turkey or duck over goose;
choose younger over older, and light meat over dark; remove the skin
How should poultry be wrapped for refrigerator storage?
remove store wrapping and rewrap in wax paper. Store giblets separately. Put in coldest part of the fridge. Eat in 2-3 days.
What are the basic cooking principles for preparing poultry?
low temperatures and careful timing
How should poultry be stuffed?
in the body cavity right before roasting
Give three guidelines to follow when buying poultry:
choose meaty breasts and legs, well-distributed fat, and blemish-free skin