South Africa Chapter 21 world and its people

23 terms by susanpmi

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South Africa

the most industrialized country in Africa

industrialized country

great deal of manufacturing occurs


the Dutch that settled in South Africa in the 1600's. The word comes from the Dutch word for farmers


The Boers, German, Belgian, and French settlers of South Africa.


language of the Afrikaners


In 1948, the whites in South Africa set up this system that made it illegal for different races and ethnic groups to mix, thus limiting the rights of blacks


neighborhoods outside cities

Nelson Mandela

South Africa's first black president


neighborhoods outside cities


Lesotho and Swaziland are examples of these because they are small countries located inside a larger country (South Africa).


This river crosses the country of Zambia.

copper belt

a large area of copper mines


a tall grass whose seeds are used as grain and to make syrup


the capital and largest city of Zimbabwe


This desert spreads over southwestern Botswana.


Lake Malawi has over 500 species of this, more than any other inland body of water in the world.


Angola includes this exclave.


a small part of the country that is separated from the main part

slash-and-burn farming

a method of clearing land for planting by cutting and burning forests


intense storm system with heavy rain and high circular winds


the capital and largest city of Mozambique


the capital and largest city of Madagascar


This country produces most of the world's vanilla beans.

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