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This, along with the other quizlets are reviews, not exactly everything tested on.


Northern Chinese people settling in the South to spread culture


Rome-12 tablets, Chinese-planters, Confucianism, India-Hinduism


Upper Nile people, conquer Egypt, conquered by Axium, similar culture to Egypt

North Africa

South of Sahara/North of jungles, well organized farming villages


immigrate from Korea/China, Shinto, ancestral tribes

Teutonic/Celtic people

Germany, England, and Scandinavia, loosely organized, advance in sailing, polytheistic/animistic religion

Slavic people

Eastern Europe, loosely organized, polytheistic/animistic religion


Agriculture based, central america, spawns Mayan civilization

Fiji Samoa

Polynesian people reach there

Invasion, weak leaders/corruption, cultural decline and disease

signs of decline

Chinese decline

Nomadic invasions, government corruption, increased taxes, revolts, diseases, went to regional government for 400 years till Sui dynasy established control

Indian decline

Nomadic invasions, Islam introduced, Gupta Empire falls

Fall/Decline of Rome

Review DBQ. Cultural decline, corruption, disease, invasions, Germanic mercenaries, decreased trade, economic decline


tried reversing the decline with bureaucracy

Emperor Justinian

tries to restore Roman Empire, issues Justinian Code

Partinian and Sassanids

Tigris-Euphrates region empires

Coptic Church

Christian church in Egypt

Safety Blanket

Converting monotheistic people consider it as for the spiritual afterlife

Change from personal religion to evangelistic

Mahayana Buddhism, Buddhist monks spreading, include bodhiistas, emphasis on Buddha


Japanese Buddhism

Opposition to Buddhism

Confucians call them traitors, Taoists improve organization

Paul, organization, muddled, "il papa", missionary activity



Place of head of church affairs




had beards and pants, weren't roman, foreigners

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