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PSY 2012 - Chapter 1 Quiz

Psychology in Action Professor Davis Edison State College Spring 2012
scientific study of behavior and mental processes
In your text, psychology is defined as the _____.
critical thinking
In your textbook, the process of objectively evaluating, comparing, analyzing, and synthesizing information is called _____.
describe, explain, predict, and change behavior
According to your textbook, the goals of psychology are to _____.
influence of culture and social interactions on people's behavior
Sociocultural psychology is the study of the ______________________.
You decide you want to work in the mental health field. Which of the following careers will allow you to prescribe medication to psychiatric patients?
A) health psychologist
B) psychiatrist
C) clinical psychologist
D) none of these options
Lloyd is fascinated by interpersonal behavior, especially prejudice and other attitudes. It is likely that Lloyd is a(n) ___________ psychologist.
Wilhelm Wundt
The father of psychology is ________.
Wundt & Titchener; introspection
The psychological school of thought called structuralism is associated with _____, and engages in the method of studying experience called _____.
Established a model for the scientific study of mental processes.
Structuralism made an important contribution to the science of psychology because it ________________.
Expanded the scope of psychology to consider such topics as emotion and observable behavior.
Functionalism made an important contribution to the science of psychology because it ____________________.
The psychoanalytic/psychodynamic perspective is associated with _____.
Sigmund Freud
Psychotherapy or 'talk therapy" was developed by whom?
Behavioral perspective.
The psychological perspective that emphasizes objective, observable environmental influences of overt behavior is called the __________________________.
Dr. Watson, from the _____ school of psychology, focused on objective, observable behavior rather than on the unconscious
The psychological perspective that emerged in the 1950s that stressed free will, self-actualization, and human nature as naturally positive and growth seeking was the __________ perspective.
The psychological perspective that studies how we gather, encode, and store information is the ________ perspective.
Mental processes such as thinking, perception, and information processing
Cognitive psychology focuses on ___________________.
The idea that depression is influenced by genetics and neurotransmitters, learned responses and thinking patterns, and socioeconomic status and culture represents the _____ model of psychology.
structuralism: observable behavior
Which of the following terms do NOT belong together?
A) structuralism: observable behavior
B) behaviorism: stimulus-response
C) psychoanalytic: unconscious conflict
D) cognitive: thought
advances scientific knowledge
The term basic research is BEST defined as research that _____.
reviewing the literature of existing theories
The first step in the scientific method is ________ .
positively; negatively
Salary and years of education are ____________ correlated, and grade point average and the number of hours of television watched per day are ______________ correlated.
exposure to the drug; quiz scores
If researchers gave participants varying amounts of a new "memory" drug and then gave them a story to read and measured their scores on a quiz, the ______________would be the independent variable (IV), and the __________would be the dependent variable (DV).