Ch 38 AP Bio 4/4

aggregate fruit
A fruit, such as the raspberry, consisting of many individual small fruits derived from separate ovaries within a single flower, borne together on a common receptacle
multiple fruit
A fruit, such as a fig, mulberry, or pineapple, derived from several flowers that are combined into a single structure
Absorption of fluid by a solid or colloid that results in swelling
vegetative reproduction
asexual method of reproduction in plants by expanding using roots or stems generally
The act or process of breaking into fragments for asexual reproductive purposes
Reproduction without meiosis or formation of gametes
Undifferentiated tissue that develops on or around an injured or cut plant surface or in tissue culture
the process of growth and differentiation by which the potentialities of a zygote, spore, or embryo are realized
Formation of the structure of an organism or part; differentiation and growth of tissues and organs during development