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What is the largest group of people in Russia?

the Slavs

What were the three groups of Slavs

West Slavs - Poles and Czech
South Slavs - Yugo Slavs - Balkan region
East Slavs - Russian ancestors Black and Baltic Sea

What is the name of the Swedish Noresmen that attacked the East Slavs river communities of Russia?

The Varangians

Who gained control of the city of Novgorod in 862?

The Varangina, Rurik

Who established the first dynasty of Russia?


What did the successors of Rurik also gain control of?


What city became the center of early Russia?


Where was Kiev located?

on the Dnieper River - the major route btw Russia and Byzantine Empire

The Kievan area of city states became know as Russia. Where did this name maybe come from?

The name the Slavs gave the norsemen Rus meaning rowers

Was Kievan area strongly influenced by the Byzantine Empire?

Yes - close commercial contact developed close cultural ties.

What Kievan ruler adopted Byzantine Christianity?

Vladimir I in 988 because of this Rome had very little influence. Russia primarily followed Eastern Church

Where did the Slavs get there alphabet?

Cyril and Methodius (byzantine missionaries) who developed it from the Greek Alphabet

Under what ruler did Kievan Russia reach its zenith(heighth)?

Yaroslav "The Wise"

What did Kiev became known as?

"Mother of Russian Cities"

What were some of Yaroslav's accomplishments?

Russian Code of Laws - Slavic tribal laws and Byantine Law
Negotiated marriage alliances
Expanded territories
Constructed their own Hagia Sophia

What ended Kiev's prominence?

Yaroslav died and his heirs fought over the rule creating civil war

What was a big blow to Early Russia?

The Tartars - Mongolian tribe that attacked and destroyed Kiev in 1240 and ruled Russia until 1400

What was the next city to rise in Russia after the decline in Mongol rule?


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