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Tall for her eleven years

Page 1 How old was Nya in the beginning of the book?

Arabic language

Page 2 What was the official language of the Sudanese government?

Salva spoke the language of his Dinka tribe at home

Page 2 What Language did Salva speak at home?

Eleven years old on his last birthday

Page 2 How old was Salva when war came to his village?

Because during the dry season his family moved away from their village.

Page 2 Why didn't Salva attend school all year?

only half an hour from his home

Page 2 How far was the school from his home?

He was the village's judge

Page 2 What did Salva's father do?

Salva had three brothers and two sisters

Page 2 How many brothers and sisters did Salva have?

at the age of about ten years

Page 2 When did boys in Salva's village start to go to school?

a bowl of fresh milk

Page 4 What did Salva's mother give him to keep his belly full until suppertime when he came home from school?

rebels from the southern part of Sudan, where he and his family lived, were fighting against the government, which was based in the north

Page 6 Who was fighting the war in Sudan?

But the people in the south were of different religions and did not want to be forced to practice Islam.

Page 6 Why were the rebels fighting against the government?

Heat, time, thorns

Page 8 During her trips to get water, when did Nya have to worry about?

The village of Loun-Ariik

Page 9 What was the name of the village Salva was from?

Salva's Grandfather

Page 11 Who was the village of Loud-Ariik named after?

They left without him?

Page 12 What happened in the morning after Salva slept in the barn with the other villagers from Loun-Ariik?

padded cloth doughnut

Page 14 What did Nya put on her head to help her carry the container of water back home?

" Auntie"

Page 16 What did Salva cal the old woman who lived in the house, where he slept in the barn?

two handfuls of raw peanuts.

Page 16 What did the old woman give Salva to eat?

The soldiers will leave her alone

Page 18 Why couldn't Salva go with the old woman when she left?

V-shaped scars on their foreheads

Page 19 What was the Dinka pattern that was a sign of boys becoming men?

a bowl of boiled sorghum meal with a little milk poured over it

Page 20 What did Nya's mother give her to eat after she got water?

5 years old

Page 20 How old was Nya's younger sister Akeer?

She had to learn

Page 20 - Why did Nya's mother want her to take Akeer with her to collect water?


Page 20 - how many trips did Nya make to the pond for water each day?

Bag of peanuts and gourd for dinking

Page 22 What did the old woman give Salva when he left with the other Dinka?

A Beehive

Page 23 What did Buksa, a young man from the Jur-chol tribe find?

3 days walk

Page 26 How far was the big lake from Nya's village?

5 months, during the dry season

Page 26 How long did Nya's family live at the big lake?


Page 30 Who did Salva meet while searching the camp for his family? He stepped on his hand.


Page 30 Where did Marial tell Salve they were going?

"the people of the lion."

Page 31 In the Dinka language, what were the Atuot people called?

she did not have to make the two long trips to the pond every day

Page 33 What did Nya like about the lake camp?

They had no house and had to sleep in makeshift shelters. they could not bring their things, afraid of fighting with the Dinka

Page 33What did Nya's mother hate about the lake camp?

His Uncle. Uncle Jewiir was the younger brother of Salva's father.

Page 34 Who did Salva meet in the land of the Atout people?

because Uncle had been in the army

Page 34 Why had Salva not seen in uncle for two years?

Uncle had a gun

Page 35 What did Salva's uncle have that made people respect him?

An antelope

Page 35 What did Uncle shoot for their first meal?

his stomach rebelled, he vomited

Page 36 What happened to Salva and the other people after eating the antelope after so many weeks of near starvation?

Nya's uncle, the chief of their village

Page 39 Who was the Chief of Nya's village?

cramps, stomach ache, diarrhea, sometimes fever

Page 39 - What were the symptoms of Akeer illness?

by a lion

Page 41 How was Marial killed?

The Nile

Page 42 What is the longest river in the world? The mother of all life in Sudan?


Page 42 What did Uncle tell Salva was on the other side of the Nile?

Papyrus grass (Reeds)

Page 43 What did they use to make canoes to cross the Nile?

2 days

Page 44 How long did it take to make enough canoes for everyone to cross the Nile?

"Her sickness came from the water"

Page 45 How did Akeer get sick?

Count to 200

Page 45 How long did they have to boil the water before Akeer could drink it?

a lot of fish, hippo, and crocodile meat. They grew: cassava, sugar cane, and yams

Page 47 When they were on the island in the middle of the river, what types of food did the villages have?


Page 49 Then the sun touched the horizon, why did the fishermen abruptly go to their tents?

in the exact middle of his back, where he couldn't reach to scratch

Page 50 Which mosquito bites did Salva think were the worst?

Akobo desert

Page 50 What was the worse difficult part of the refugee's journey?

evergreen acacia bushes, which somehow endured the long winter months with almost no water.

Page 52 What was the only thing green that could survive in the desert?

3 days

Page 52 How long would it take them to cross the Akobo desert?

he stubbed his bare toe on a rock, and his whole toenail came off.

Page 53 What made Salva cry when he was in the desert?

"Salva Mawien Dut Ariik!"

Page 53 What was Slava's full name?

halfway between the two largest trees

Page 57 Where did the men in the jeep say they would find water?

Back to fight in the war

Page 59 Where did Uncle say he was going after he took Salva to the Refugee camp?

The men from the Nuer tribe robbed the group and shot the uncle with his own gun

Page 62 How did Uncle die?

boys and young men

Page 66 Who were most of the people at the refugee camp at Itang?


Page 68 What color head scarf did Salva's mother wear?

Iron Giraffe

Page 70 what did the villages think the tall drill looked like?

6 years

Page 73 How long was Salva at the Itang Refugee camp?


Page 75 What is the name of the river between Ethopia and Sudan?


Page 76 What color overals did the drilling crew wear?

at least a thousand people

Page 79 How many people died trying to cross the Gilo river to get out of Ethiopia?


Page 80 Where did Salva decide to go after he left Ethiopia?

a group of about fifteen hundred boys Some were as young as five years old.

Page 80 Salva had become the leader of how many boys trying to get to Kenya?

Scavenge for food, collect fire wood, stand guard

Page 80 - What jobs did Salva give the boys?

More than twelve hundred boys

Page 82 How many boys arrived in Kenya?

It took them a year and a half

Page 82 How long did it take them to get from Ethiopia to Kenya?

The water wasn't clear

Page 83 Why did Nya frown when water started coming out of the hole?


Page 85 Who was the aid worker from Ireland that taught Salva English?

how to read and how to play volleyball.

Page 87 Salva learned two things from Michael:


Page 87 How many letters are in the Arabic alphabet?

The Lost Boys

Page 91 What were the Sudan refugees being called in America?


Page 91 How many other boys were traveling to America with Salva?

Underwear, socks, sneakers, a pair on long pants, a T-shirt, a long-sleeved shirt to wear on top of it. And he was to wear all these clothes at the same time!

Page 92 What new clothes did Salva get?


Page 93 What did Salva have to drink on the plane?

three planes. (The first plane flew from Nairobi to Frankfurt. He took a second plane from Frankfurt to New York City, and the third to Rochester, NY)

Page 93 How many planes did it take to get to Salva's new home?

Chris, the father; Louise, the mother; and four children.

Page 95 Who was to be Salva's new family?

More clothes (jacket, hat, scarf, gloves)

Page 95 What did the new family give to Salva when he got off the plane?

A school

Page 97 What were they going to build in Nya's village next to the water pump?


Page 99 What was Salva studying in college?

a cousin

Page 100 Who did Salva get an E-Mail from telling him about his father?

almost nineteen years

Page 105 How long had it been since Salva had seen his father?

sprinkling water on his son's head

Page 105 What was the Dinka way of blessing someone who was lost and is found again?


Page 105 Which of Salva's brothers survived?

Years of drinking contaminated water

Page 106 Why was Salva's father sick?

On the plane ride back to the United States

Page 107 When did the idea come to Salva that he could help the people of Sudan?

He would have to talk to people and ask them to give money.

Page 108 How did Salva raise money for the project?

Elm Street School

Page 111 What was the name of the School in America that helped raise money for the well to be dug?

"Thank you for bringing the water."

Page 115 What did Nya say to Salva when they met?

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