Proclamation of 1763
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Tax on all printed papers. Tax wasnt high. Other taxes to regulate commerce. This tax was just to raise money. 1st direct tax, effected everyone.

virginia house of burgesses adopted patrick henry's stamp act resolves. Americans possessed the same rights as the english especially in being taxed by representation. House of burgesses was later dissolved.
Held in New York, 27 representatives in 9 colonies declaration of rights and grievances, stated no taxes imposed on colonist wo/ their consent or form body they have no rep. In, consent of the govern

Britain repealed stamp act created sense of unity amongst the 13 colonies realized much could be done if they worked together
Boston massacre 1770Ended w/gunshots colonist died crispus Attucks first to die People wanted men tried for murder, but were acquittedTea act 1773Put into place to help east India company(monopoly) if they bought tea, would be acknowledging parliament right to tax them Last straw, hurt American merchants deeply tea act sparked Boston tea party, didn't let boats unload or rotted in ports or made them go back toBoston tea party 1773When colonist snuck into English ships dressed as Mohawk Indians dumped 342 chests into there Boston harbor that belonged to the British east India company Parliament placed intolerable acts, closing of Boston portEdenton tea party NC 1774Group of women boycotting tea and other British goods until unfair acts were repealed England didn't take it seriously, colonist praised he groupIntolerable acts 1774Coercive act+Quebec act Really just punishments, included Boston port act quartering acts, administering of justice act, mass. Gov. Act parliament granted in the Ohio valley to French Canadians in Quebec act King George 3 thought intolerable act would better control the colonist, back fired acts ignited more angerFirst continental congress 1774All colonies except Georgia sent delegates here to discuss their response to intolerable acts and how to assert their rights Not to seek independence, trying to get their rights British took no notice of congressWrits of assistanceCould search and seize wo/ warrant