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  1. When converting the number into a mixed number you use ____/6 to get the whole number 1
  2. In an improper fraction is the denominator bigger or smaller than the numerator
  3. A mixed number contains a ______ fraction
  4. Can you convert a mixed number into a proper fraction?
  5. When the bottom and top of a fraction are the same the fraction equals the number
  6. In the number 13/6 the numerator is _____

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  1. denominatorThe top part of a fraction is called the _________ .


  2. wholeA mixed number has a _____ number


  3. denominatorThe bottom part of a fraction is called the ________.


  4. mixedYou can convert an Improper fraction into a _______ fraction


  5. twoA mixed number has ____ parts


  6. fractionIn a mixed fraction there is a whole number and a _______