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lab exp

controlled conditions, artificial enviroment, researcher diliberatly manipulates the independent variable and measures effect on dependent

lab exp

carefully designed and controlled can be repeated so reasearcher can be confident in reliablitly

lab exp

lacks ecological validity as artificial enviroment

lab exp

participants may display demand characteristics

field exp

experimenter still manipulates the independent variable but experiments are in participants natiral enviroment

field exp

more ecological validity than lab

field exp

participants may be less conscious or unaware they are in an experiment so less likely to show demand characteristics

field exp

less control of extraneous variables

natural exp

researcher doesnt have direct control over the independent variable it varies naturally and the effect on the dependent variable is recorded

natural exp

high ecological validity

natural exp

less conscious or unaware so no demand characteristics

natural exp

no direct control over independent variable or extraneous variables

natural exp

difficult to replicate so cant check reliability

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