Slavery in Texas

30 terms by michelle_69

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three classes of slaves

1. field hands
2. domestics
3. artisans

field hands

80% of slaves, 1/3 of population


ex. butler, maid, coachman, nanny, streamstress


speacialities: bricklayers, carpenter, blacksmiths

field hands

picked cotton, corn, or sugarcane


lived in "Big House"


loaned to other plantations

field hands

worked 6 days a week; 12-14 hours a day
average: 300 pounds of cotton a day


considered "Upper Class"

living conditions

1-2 room "shanties"
log cabins for several families


about 2 outfits per year
(about $10.00 per slave


owner spent $1-$8 per year


malnutrition, cold, smallpox, pheumonia


field hand> heat stroke


domestic> overwork;exhaustion, stress

urban slaves

city slaves

urban slaves

worked for bussiness owners:
> blacksmiths, bricklayers, cook, maid

urban slaves

some freedom around town

slave codes

could not possess liqour or weapons

slave codes

could not assemble

slave codes

could not travel without pass


common to whip (dog attack, burning)


goal: leave life long scars

harsh for running away

300 lashes

muder a white



95% illiterate


owners stress humility and obedience

the slavery dispute

kansas - nebreska act

the slavery dispute

john brown> harpers ferry

the slavery dispute

1860 election- lincoln (a repubilican) was elected

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