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  1. staystitching
  2. grade
  3. yardage
  4. pattern guide sheet
  5. fiber
  1. a to trim each layer of fabric to a different width to reduce bulk
  2. b basic unit from which fabric is made
  3. c the amount of fabric needed to complete a project
  4. d step-bystep information for cutting, marking, and sewing fabric peices together
  5. e row of machine stitches through one layer of fabric in order to prevent stretching

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  1. to make a tiny snip in the seam allowance
  2. a vaiation on a sewing pattern design
  3. outlne or outer shpe of an object
  4. piece of fabric placed between the outer fabric and facing
  5. direction in which the treaads run in a fabric

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  1. accessoriesadditional items that are not necessary, such as belts, scarves, hats, ties, and jewelry that are part of your wardrobe


  2. pattern envelopelines and symbols marked on the pattern and transferred to the fabric to help guide construction


  3. pressraising and lowering the iron from one area to the next


  4. selvagefactory finished edge of a fabric


  5. synthetic fiberfibers manufactured from substances such as wood pulp, petroleum or natural gas