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  1. grain of fabric
  2. notions
  3. silhouette
  4. alterations
  5. layout
  1. a small items such as thread, elastic or buttons that become permanent part of the garment
  2. b diagram included in sewing instructions that shows how to place the pattern pieces on fabric
  3. c modifications made to a pattern or garment for a better fit
  4. d outlne or outer shpe of an object
  5. e direction in which the treaads run in a fabric

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  1. piece of fabric placed between the outer fabric and facing
  2. lines and symbols marked on the pattern and transferred to the fabric to help guide construction
  3. additional items that are not necessary, such as belts, scarves, hats, ties, and jewelry that are part of your wardrobe
  4. fibers twisted together or laid side by side
  5. a row of stitching used to keep the facing or bottom layer of fabric rolled out of sight

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  1. casingclosed tunnel of fabric that holds a piece of elastic or drawstring


  2. directional stitchingstitching with, or in the same direction, as the fabric grain


  3. staystitchingrow of machine stitches through one layer of fabric in order to prevent stretching


  4. viewa vaiation on a sewing pattern design


  5. synthetic fiberfibers that come from plants or hair of animals


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