US Military Doctrine

Tactics Focus
What are the tenets of Unified Land Operations
Flexibility, Integration, Lethality, Adaptability, Depth, & Synchronization
Define the Unified Land Operation tenet of Flexibility.
Commander employ a versatile mix of capabilities, formation, sand equipment for the conduct of operations.
Define the Unified Land Operation tenet of Integration.
Army forces do not operate independently but as a part of a larrger joint, interagency, and frequently multination effort; requires creating shared understanding and purpose throuh collaboration with all elements of the friendly force.
Define the Unified Land Operation tenet of Adaptability.
Leaders and forces exhibit through critical thinking, their comfort with ambiguity and uncertainty, their willingess to accept rprdent risk to create opportunities and their ability to rapidly adjust while continuously assessing the situatiuon.
Define the Unified Land Operation tenet of Synchronization
The arrangement of military actions in time space, and purpose to produce maximum relative combat power at a decisive place and time (JP 2-0). it is the ability to execute multiple related and mutually supporting tasks in a different locations at the same time producing greater effects than executing each in isolation.